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First published as a “frankly experimental” endeavor in November of 1960, and first edited by distinguished local historians Allan S. Everest and Charles W. McClellan, North Country Notes has chronicled local history, and the deeds of CCHA, ever since. A subscription to NCN has long been a perk of CCHA membership, and still is. We invite you to read our most recent issues below, and come back to check out our North Country Notes archive, which we’ll be gradually building over the next year.

North Country Notes June 2020 - Issue
North Country Notes March 2020 - Issue

Newsletter Archive

Issue Title Description
425 North Country Notes June 2020 CCHA Responds to COVID-19 Crisis. Harriet Stewart Miner: Painter of Orchids.
424 North Country Notes March 2020

Annual Report: CCHA's Busy 2019.

423 North Country Notes December 2019

A Permanent Home: CCHA Acquires Aikin Rifle. Association News: CCHA to Celebrate 75 Years. Museum Corner: The Importance of Volunteers. William Henry Jackson's Monumental Legacy.

422 North Country Notes June 2019

Winfred Porter Truesdell: Champlain’s International Art Publisher – David Patrick.

421 North Country Notes January 2019

The Spanish Flu: World War 1’s most prolific killer – Mary Anne Ducharme.

420 North Country Notes Summer 2018

When the Bulldozers Came, the Old Cemetery would never Be the Same – Luke Cyphers.

419 North Country Notes Fall 2017

Rich in History-Plattsburgh City Hall – Rich Frost.

418 North Country Notes Spring 2017

The Summer White House – Steve Frederick. The Town of Clinton, by Geri Favreau(aka Geraldine Watson).

417 North Country Notes Spring 2016

Author Spotlight More on the Witherhill hotel By Sue Howell Hamlin. Collections News.

416 North Country Notes Fall 2015

WW1, Shell Shock, and Plattsburg: The unique Role of the US Army General Hospital #30 – Penelope D. Clute. The Establishment of a Permanent Military Base in Plattsburgh after the War of 1812 – David Patrick.

415 North Country Notes Spring 2015

Jean Arthur and Plattsburgh NY.

414 North Country Notes Fall 2014

Henry Atkinson: when the Lion Crouched and the Eagle Soared – Clyde Rabideau Sr.. History Of The Plattsburgh Military Reservation – James Ciborski.

413 North Country Notes Spring 2014

The Civil War in Clinton County – Vickie Evans. The Many Faces of the Moore Family in the Civil War – David Patrick.

412 North Country Notes Fall 2013

The Royal Savage – The Ship and the Inn – Barbara Benjamin. “Know Thy Work and Do It:” The Tuesday Club of Plattsburgh – Ellen E. Adams.

411 North Country Notes Spring 2013

Coop’s Pork n’ Fish Site: A Glimpse into the Daily Life of a Pioneer Family in Champlain – Andrew Black. Myths About Hotel Champlain – Richard E. Frost.

410 North Country Notes Fall 2012

Caretakers of Our Photographic Past – Roger Black. Recent Acquisition – New Acquisition—R.P. Mallory Cumberland Head Lighthouse Drawing. Commemorating the Civil War at the CCHA – Bob St. John and Gerri Favreau.

409 North Country Notes Spring 2012

The first Immigrants – Thomas Pray. “Merkel” A Gem from the Glass Negatives Portrait Project – Gordon Pollard, Professor Emeritus, Suny Plattsburgh.

408 North Country Notes Fall 2011

Cataloging the Peter Sailly Collection – David Patrick.

407 North Country Notes Spring 2011

Clinton County Civil War Sesquicentennial 2011-2015 – Carol Blakeslee-Collin. Lincoln and the Plattsburgh Republican – Carol Blakeslee-Collin.

406 North Country Notes Fall 2010

New Additions to the Redford Glass Exhibit. Gravestones Tell the Story – Jan Couture town of Saranac Historian.

405 North Country Notes Spring 2010

 Plattsburgh, the Cold War and the Atlas F Missile By Carol Blakeslee-Collin. Missile. The Herweth’s of the Bluff Point Lighthouse – by Kim Peine. Gift of Dewey Portraits.

404 North Country Notes Fall 2009

Champlain: Four hundred Years Later – Anastasia Pratt. 2009 Markers. Glass Negative Portraits Project.

403 North Country Notes Spring 2009

The Valcour Dawn community through the eyes of outside newspapers.

402 North Country Notes Fall 2008

William Swetland—Man of Eloquence and Passion – Ada and Kenneth Bills.

401 North Country Notes Spring 2008

Julian O. Davidson, Marine Artist – Joy A Demarse, Ph. D. Lucretia Maria & Margaret Miller Davidson. Swetland Collection Letter Yields Poem. To My Old Home at Plattsburgh By Margaret Miller Davidson (1837).

400 North Country Notes Fall 2007

Saranac’s Independence Cemetery. The Russel Rosewood Writing Desk. Transcription of the Death Notice from Captain Russells Commanding Officer. 140 Years Ago- Supposed Victim of Murder Reappears.

399 North Country Notes Winter 2007

Peter Sailly Endowment Fund Established.  Construction costs in Days Gone By. Sailly “Excellent Mead” Recipe. Valcour Bay Research Project: Rediscovering a “Moment in time” to be Inaugural Exhibit at the Four Chimney’s Museum.

398 North Country Notes Spring 2006

Donation of the William Swetland Letters – Mike Kulik. 1888 Civil War Monument Saranac, NY. Clinton county and the Civil War. Notes on a Gem in our Collection: The Baird Clock – Matt Boire.

397 North Country Notes Fall 2005

Bluff Point Lighthouse Update – Linda Hartwood ? The Searing Furnace of Battle – William Glidden. 16th NY Volunteer  Infantry Regiment. From the Journal of Franklin Palmer 16th NY Infantry Regiment.

396 North Country Notes Summer 2005

Clinton County Personality: Asahel Lynde Powers 1813-1843. Peter Weaver 1782-1882. Susan Butler weaver 1796-1888. Elisha Arnold 1768-1851.

395 North Country Notes Spring 2005

Bluff point Lighthouse Shines!. Clinton County Personality: King Hendrick 1755-2005. 

394 North Country Notes Fall 2004

The Battle of Valcour Island October 11-13, 1776.

393 North Country Notes Spring 2004

A Clinton County Heirloom – Martha A. Mygatt.

392 North Country Notes Fall 2003

Crab Island Monument Plaques Back in Town! Crab Island and HistoricLakes.org More Than a Little Help From a Friend. Volunteers Rescue the Bluff Point Lighthouse On Valcour Island – Linda Hartwood – Edited By Dave Glenn. Retired Mooers Postmistress, Lillian Bushey, Teaches a Class in History! 1816: The Year Without a Summer. Answers for History Mystery #3 – Mary Anne Ducharme. History Mystery #4 What is the origin of the “Presbygational” church as it relates to Mooers and Champlain?. Roots and Queries – Richard Ducharme.  CCHA Trustee Dave Glenn Shares His Passion for North Country History with a Full House Crowd. 2003 McMasters winner: Kristina Parker - Special evening of Celebration. CCHA October 6th Program with Robert Booth Stories of the Great Depression in Clinton County.

391 North Country Notes Spring-Summer 2003

Roots and Queries – Richard Ducharme. Another Successful Work Day At the Sailly House – Maurica Gilbert. History Mystery #3 – Mary Anne Ducharme. E.S. Martin mystery Solved – Mary Anne Ducharme. New CCHA Director Lauded by Archaeologist, Dr. David Starbuck.

390 North Country Notes Winter-Spring 2003

Boats and Boating in the Adirondacks, Hallie Bond. The Great Warpath Lecture series- Dr. David Starbuck. Roots and Queries – Richard Ducharme. History Mystery #1: The E.S. Martin House – Mary Anne Ducharme. History Mystery #2: The Great Catholic Protectory – Mr. Daniel Ladue.

389 North Country Notes November-December 2002
388 North Country Notes September-October 2002
387 North Country Notes August 2002
386 North Country Notes July 2002

What Happened to Ezra Dominy by Norman D. Jorstad Part 2.

380 North Country Notes December 2000

Notes and Advice From the Past. Folklore. Home Remedies.

378 North Country Notes September 2000
377 North Country Notes August 2000

 McMasters Prize for the Writing of History announced for 2000.

376 North Country Notes June 2000

Incidents Regarding Seth Griffith, Sr., Of Grand Isle Vermont By Orrel Town Larkin.

375 North Country Notes May 2000

“D. & H. “Bulletin’ Carries Story, ‘On, the Old Chateaugay’ Featuring H.B. Raymond, City, Now Retired”.

374 North Country Notes April 2000

John Signor Will.

373 North Country Notes March 2000

The First Settler of Ausable.

372 North Country Notes February 2000

Recollections of My Boyhood by Arnold Ellis Button.

371 North Country Notes January 2000

“Murray’s Adventures in the Adirondacks, Tourist’s Edition”.

370 North Country Notes December 1999

For the Last Century: Clinton County Historical Association. Culver Hill.

369 North Country Notes November 1999

Leonard Williamy To Robert J. Willson, for Selling 50 Acres of land.

367 North Country Notes October 1999

Adirondack Firearm Company Exhibit. “Recollections of Benjamin Mooers gathered together and compiled by himself in MS at Plattsburgh in 1822 – he having settled in that borough in 1783.”

366 North Country Notes August-September 1999
365 North Country Notes July 1999

Minerva L. Stoughton: A North Country Gal. Aug/Sept, 1999 – No. 366. Letter from the Day Family Papers Collection. From the Collection: Champlain Valley Book of Recipes.

364 North Country Notes June 1999

An Echo of the Battle of Plattsburgh in Orkney. Frank Harrison Graves Grocery Store.

363 North Country Notes May 1999

Reminiscences of the War of 1861 – 65 (By Col. Frank Palmer 16th U.S. Volunteers).

362 North Country Notes April 1999

Letter from Mrs. Benjamin H. Mooers.

361 North Country Notes March 1999
360 North Country Notes February 1999

Old Military Turnpike, Clinton County’s Historical Highway. From the Archives: Captain Samuel Chester Reid.

359 North Country Notes January 1999

Memoirs of the Hon. Peter Sailly. From the Archives: Origin of Rouses Point’s name..

358 North Country Notes December 1998

The Lady Dentist of Ellenburg.

357 North Country Notes November 1998

Elizabeth Sally Warren. Hon. Thomas Treadwell, A Statesman of the Revolution, and a “Gentleman of the Old School.” For 24 Years Surrogate of Clinton County. The Old Homestead. The Family Burial Ground.

356 North Country Notes September-October 1998

A Letter from Plattsburgh.

354 North Country Notes June 1998

Bennie I. Allen.

353 North Country Notes May 1998

Early Ellenburg Letters. From the Archives: 1825 Licenses to keep inns.

352 North Country Notes April 1998

The Late Charles Broadwell.

351 North Country Notes March 1998

The Iron Industry In Clinton County. Lèger in Champlain. Early Clinton County Industry.

349 North Country Notes January 1998

Life At The Front, 1864: Camp in the Woods, Cold Harbur, VA, Cold Harbor, VA, Camp 10 miles from Richmond.

332 North Country Notes June 1996

 Colonial Era Struggles For Control Of NY. School-Girl Days: Plattsburgh Highschool Memory Book 1913.

331 North Country Notes May 1996

  Wonderful Results Of Science: Professor Agassiz study on Fossils 1850. McMaster’s Prize Awarded- Tim Myers “Plattsburgh: A History of voices.” Plattsburgh Chautauqua, 1918: List of Lectures and entertainments offered in 1918.

330 North Country Notes April 1996

Maple Sugar Making. Education for Young Ladies: Plattsburgh Academy 1857.

329 North Country Notes March 1996

Education Of A Gentleman Doctor: Benjamin John Moores, M.D.

328 North Country Notes February 1996

An Excerpt From The Journal Of William Gilliland. No Riots In Plattsburgh Now! (New Police Car in Plattsburgh Press Republican from the 1920’s).

327 North Country Notes January 1996

Robinson’s Tavern On The Military Turnpike Cont.

326 North Country Notes December 1995

Robinson’s Tavern on the Military Turnpike.

325 North Country Notes November 1995

As The (Political) World Turns: Press Republican 1948 “Everybody Wants to Get In the Liberal Act”.

324 North Country Notes October 1995

End Of A Tradition :  1890s expansion of Barracks at Plattsburgh. Doctoring the Army, 1898 – Dr. David Kellogg.

323 North Country Notes September 1995

Wreck of the Phoenix, Sept 5 1819.

322 North Country Notes July-August 1995
320 North Country Notes May 1995

A Celebration To Remember: Champlain Tercentenary of 1909. Highways and Byways: Road Overseers duties.

319 North Country Notes April 1995

McMasters Prize winner Mary B. Hotaling – Edward Livingston Trudeau, M.D.: Pioneer Medical Scientist. Letter from the West: Proctor Pierce 1846.

318 North Country Notes March 1995

Board And Washing Included (James Bailey, George H. Standish) 1846

317 North Country Notes February 1995

Earthquake Hits Plattsburgh - 1934. Plattsburgh Military Barracks. Winter Romance, Prince Edward 1793.

316 North Country Notes January 1995

The Underground Railroad In Peru, New York. A Sons Tribute – Melancton Smith Major of the Twenty-Ninth Inf..

315 North Country Notes December 1994

Clintonville Iron Industry 1810 – 1885.

314 North Country Notes November 1994

Recent Acquisitions, U.S.A Temperance Union Certificate – 111th new York volunteers. The Mooer’s Sword Returns to Clinton County.

313 North Country Notes October 1994

Recent Acquisitions – Several editions from the Northern Intelligencer (an early Clinton county newspaper) Keywords (Steamboat Phoenix, Light Battalion, Clinton County – Major James Bailey.

312 North Country Notes September 1994

Redford Crown Glass Company, Redford, NY.

311 North Country Notes July-August 1994
310 North Country Notes May 1994

A Plattsburgh Girl: Friend of Royalty (Emma Lajeunesse). A Doctor At All Hours July 5, 1888 Dr. David Kellogg. Plattsburg Boys Band. Organ Replacement Cont.

309 North Country Notes May 1994
308 North Country Notes April 1994
307 North Country Notes March 1994
306 North Country Notes February 1994
305 North Country Notes January 1994
304 North Country Notes December 1993
303 North Country Notes November 1993
302 North Country Notes October 1993
301 North Country Notes September 1993
300 North Country Notes July-August 1993
299 North Country Notes June 1993
298 North Country Notes May 1993
297 North Country Notes April 1993
296 North Country Notes March 1993
295 North Country Notes February 1993
293 North Country Notes January 1993
292 North Country Notes December 1992
292 North Country Notes November 1992
268 North Country Notes September 1990
267 North Country Notes July-August 1990
266 North Country Notes June 1990
265 North Country Notes May 1990
264 North Country Notes April 1990
263 North Country Notes March 1990
262 North Country Notes February 1990
261 North Country Notes January 1990
260 North Country Notes December 1989
259 North Country Notes November 1989
258 North Country Notes October 1989
257 North Country Notes September 1989
256 North Country Notes July-August 1989
255 North Country Notes June 1989
254 North Country Notes May 1989
253 North Country Notes April 1989
252 North Country Notes March 1989
251 North Country Notes February 1989
250 North Country Notes January 1989
100 North Country Notes February 1974

A Pioneer Home in Clinton County (Allen Homestead) By Paul Allen Peru. The Quaker Tax – Military (1807).

99 North Country Notes January 1974

 The Journal of Benjamin Mooers. 1894 (year of the Pullman Strike) (Education Law). 1895 (Venezuelan and the Alaskan boundary disputes).

98 North Country Notes December 1973

The Quaker Meeting Houses in Old Peru By Sam Orne, State University at Plattsburgh. 1893 (Local News) (Plattsburgh) (Shirt Factory)  (Opera House). Free Negroes And Slaves In Early Clinton County (Federal Census for Clinton County In 1800).

96 North Country Notes November 1973

The journal of Benjamin Mooers. A Civil War Letter (James Signor To his Father Phillip Wager Signor).

96 North Country Notes October 1973

The Plattsburgh Republican and Andrew Jackson. A Pro-Slavery Argument from Mooers (Smith Berry).

96 North Country Notes September 1973

General Macomb in Plattsburgh By sister Ann Mildred Brown, SUC.

95 North Country Notes June 1973

Melanchton Llyod Woolsey To Silas Hubbell. Defiance (Fort Ticonderoga) (Mount Defiance) By Allen J. Helmbrecht, SUC.

94 North Country Notes May 1973

The Continental Row (American Revolution) (Row Galley Congress) By Stephen B. Riley, SUC.

93 North Country Notes April 1973

Notes From A Boy’s Diary (Carlisle H. Dana (1863). The First Ten Years of the Home for the Friendless (Origins) (Objective and Charter) (Aspects of Life in the House) By Cheryl Light, SUC.

92 The Establishment of Clinton Prison How Benjamin Mooers Acquired His Lands

William Gilliland and the America Revolution By Terry Gordon, SUC.

91 North Country Notes February 1973

The Establishment of Clinton Prison. How Benjamin Mooers Acquired His Lands.

90 North Country Notes January 1973

Old Time Hints for the Homemaker II. Crab Island (Battle of Plattsburgh) By Sherwood Laporte. Three Old Plattsburgh Burial Places (Robert Graves - South Plattsburgh, Rugar Graves – Plattsburgh, The (so called) Thorn Cemetery).

89 North Country Notes December 1972

Our Friends The Enemy (1807 Judge Pliny Moore of Champlain, Simon Z. Watson of Montreal). Case of Labour (trial Held by Presbyterian church of Mooer’s), A Church Tries to Pay its Pastor (1811, Rev. Frederick Halsey). Runaway Wife (Judge Pliny Moore, Barrer Joseph Laviolet, John Chesser).

88 North Country Notes November 1972

A History of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Port Jackson. Israel Green’s Inn.

87 North Country Notes October 1972

The Dawn Valcour Agricultural and Horticultural Association By Earle F. Vance, SUC. Old times Hints for the Homemaker.

86 North Country Notes September 1972

The Robert Platt Homestead. The Clinton County Poor House.

85 North Country Notes May 1972

1894 (Plattsburgh, Delaware & Hudson). The Bridges of Keeseville (The Arch Bridge) (The Foot Bridge) (The Upper Bridge) By Jacqueline Owens and Christopher Eatz, SUC.

84 North Country Notes April 1972

The Palmer Hill Iron Mines Part II. How Plattsburgh Has Met the Bread Question (Dodd’s Bakery).

83 North Country Notes March 1972

Huldah Hoag (Minister of the Friends). The Palmer Hill Iron Mines By Clifford Mossey, SUC.

82 North Country Notes February 1972

1893 (Local News) (President Cleveland). The Burning of the Montreal court house July 18, 1844 By Richard Patterson. High Cost Of Education (Chazy School district No. 10 probably in 1882).

81 North Country Notes January 1972

Loneliness At The Front (Letter From Richard T. Bristol Union soldier 1864 to Miss Anna Thew). The Papineau Rebellion Seen From Montreal.

80 North Country Notes December 1971

The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union Of Plattsburgh. Which Shall It Be (Temperance Poem).

79 North Country Notes November 1971

North Country Notes November 1971.

78 North Country Notes October 1971

Louis Riel in the North Country. Letter From Pliny Moore To Governor Daniel D. Tompkins (1808). Captain Platt In the Revolution.

77 North Country Notes September 1971

The General Leonard A. Wood Memorial.

76 North Country Notes June 1971

1844 in Plattsburgh (Mrs. Elizabeth Swetland to Her Son-In-Law Henry Livingston Webb 1844). The Tabor Murder Story By Mary E. Forbes, SUC.

75 North Country Notes May 1971

Reminiscences Of Plattsburgh from 1812 to 1818 Part II. “Aunt Lib’s” Schuyler Falls Diary.

74 North Country Notes April 1971

Invitation To a Hanging (Plattsburgh 1855). Reminisces Of Plattsburgh From 1812 to 1818 (Mrs. Susan Fillmore, Plattsburgh Republican, 11/17/1888). Governor Clinton on the subject of Peggy Facto (1825).

73 North Country Notes March 1971

Regulation After the Fact (1818 Letter to the Commissioners of the Land Office for New York State By Nathl. Z. Platt). Man and Woman: the first To Be Executed in Clinton County. Peru In 1810. 1891 (fies and other events).

72 North Country Notes February 1971

Your Getting On If You Remember when ( List of Old activities and common practices of years past) By Mrs. Shirley Fritz, Plattsburgh. The Election Of 1896 in Clinton County.  1890 (Economic Future of Plattsburgh).

71 North Country Notes January 1971

Clinton County’s Man In Alaska By Joseph Ladue.

70 North Country Notes December 1970

Pollution Old Style (Lumber Industry). Treatment Of soldiers At The Barracks After the Spainish American War. North Country 1887. North Country 1888.  North country 1889.

69 North Country Notes November 1970

An Author Relaxes (D. K. Martin). A Chazy Shopping List. The Plattsburgh Theatre 1893-1928.

68 North Country Notes October 1970

Henry King the Man Who Wanted to Die.

67 North Country Notes September 1970

1816 the Year Without A Summer (Judge Pliny Moore’s Journal). Champlain Academy – 1843. Bowdish Cemetery – Schuyler Falls.

66 North Country Notes June 1970

Inflation In the 1920s (List of food and their prices). Plattsburgh’s First Masonic Lodge – 1806 – 1832. Stiles Cemetery West Chazy.

65 North Country Notes May 1970

Editorials (Champlain Consulor 1892. Doctor William Beaumont (Michilimackinac sept, 1820). More On the New Sweden Cemetery. The Thew Graveyard – Peru.

64 North Country Notes April 1970

From The Diary Of Judge Pliny Moore. History Of St. Joseph’s Church (1818-1969) (Coopersville). The Adams 9Knapen) Cemetery – Beekmantown. Dead Beats (List Of Those Whose Owe money 1877).

63 North Country Notes March 1970

The History of Fort Izard By Peter Makosky, SUC. French Canadian Naming In The 18th Century. Village Ordinances (Plattsburgh 1815). New Sweden Cemetery -- Ausable.

62 North Country Notes February 1970

Profit in Making Hats (George Freligh 1803). An Investigation of Count Charles De Fredenburg By Carol Wartberg, SUC. Higher Education in 1841 (Dr. Alexander Taggart McGill), Blow Sugar Bush Graveyard Altona. The Sale of Veteran’s Rights.

61 North Country Notes January 1970

George W. Palmer (Leading North Country Citizen). The New York-Quebec Boundary.

60 North Country Notes December 1969

The Battle Of Plattsburgh (Eyewitness Account From George Freligh). A Railroad Comes To Clinton county Part II By Mrs. Josie Treggett, Ellenburg.

59 North Country Notes November 1969

A Railroad Comes To Clinton County By Mrs. Josie Treggett, Ellenburg. Aspects Of The War Of 1812 (General Izard, General Macomb).

58 North Country Notes October 1969

Controversy On The Plains: Establishment of an Airbase.

57 North Country Notes September 1969

The First Twenty Years Of Ayerst Laboratories. War Scare In The North Country.

56 North Country Notes June 1969

Rural Life In Old Schuyler Falls. The Sinking of the Phoenix (1819). More News On Pikes Cantonment.

55 North Country Notes May 1969

Local Politics in 1873. 4th Of July, 1826: Celebration at Chazy. Farming In Old Peru (1884/1885). Letter to Gen. Benjamin Mooer. May 1st In Local History.

54 North Country Notes April 1969

Bootleggers Vengeance. The Prohibition Experiment. Saloons Offer More than Drink. For Medical Purposes. Which Hall It Be Poem by Ellen M. Palmer. Fear Of Cholera (1834/1835).

53 North Country Notes March 1969

The Mystery of Pike's Cantonment By Gary Van Cour. A Bit About Banks. Travel And Other Harassments.

52 North Country Notes February 1969

Seasonal Events In History. Bond Raising During World War 1 In Plattsburgh.  Indians In the War Of 1812.

51 North Country Notes January 1969

The Slowness Of Prison Reform. Enrolled For Public Service (1917). Nathan Beeman at Ticonderoga. January 1st in history.

50 North Country Notes December 1968

School Expenses in Middlebury (1838). New York and Vermont. Student Problems in the Old Normal School. A Fathers Loan (1813). The Moral Reform Society of Plattsburgh (1839).

49 North Country Notes November 1968

Problems of Law and Order. Alice Maynard. Federal Economy. Mail Order Education.

49 North Country Notes October 1968

Plattsburg Or Plattsburgh By Frances Kepner, SUC. The Champlain Valley in 1809.

47 North Country Notes August 1968

Automobile Travel. Broadsides, Origins of the Macdonough. Memorial.

46 North Country Notes June 1968

The Cumberland Head Lighthouse. How Chazy Ran Its School. Travel In 1813.

45 North Country Notes May 1968

The Plattsburgh Y.M.C.A : The Depression Years 1932-1937. The First Bridge Across The Saranac By Elizabeth Barrett, SUC. The Ausable Horse-Nail Company By Susan Laundree, SUC.

44 North Country Notes April 1968

Death of President Harrison (1841). The Lyon Mountain Iron[1]  Mines By Susan Gregory, SUC. Pertaining To A New Ferry (1804), Concerning Ice Houses (1846).


43 North Country Notes March 1968

Two Letters From The Kent-Delord Collection. The Underground Railroad In Northern New York. President Monroe In Clinton County.

42 North Country Notes February 1968

One Kind Of Smuggling (Opium). Rand Hill. Further Adventures of Thomas Price (1808).

41 North Country Notes January 1968

Plattsburgh Military Discipline (1814) (George Izard). General Wilkinson To General Mooers (1816).

40 North Country Notes November 1967

A Visit From Van Wyck Brooks By Gertrude B. Myers. Early Travel on Lake Champlain. A Civic Dinner For McDonough (1814).

39 North Country Notes October 1967

Travel Hazards On Lake Champlain (Henry Delord 1808). The Plattsburgh Trolley Line By Gerri L. Ross, SUC. William B. Weaver, Diviner of Oil. Place Names.

38 North Country Notes September 1967

Early Baptisms (1835). Wool on the Battle Of Plattsburgh (John E. Wool). Advertising in 1892.

37 North Country Notes June 1967

It Was A Sin (1809 across 1857) Champlain Presbyterian Church Records

Gold Story – 1879 (British gold)

The Iron Industry At Clinton Prison: 1845-1877 By Constance Miller, SUC

36 North Country Notes May 1967

Highway Repairs (Champlain 1800).  The Arnold Ore Bed Part II. Church Pews (Keeseville Baptist Society). The Mexican War (Abraham Allen).

35 North Country Notes April 1967

Indentured Servants (Champlain). Thee Arnold Ore Bed. Those Embarrassing Moments (H. D. Savage & Son).

34 North Country Notes March 1967

What No Zip Code (Chazy). Courtship From A Mining Town. The Union Mutual Improvement Society.

33 North Country Notes February 1967

Slavery In Plattsburgh (Platt). Distinguished Son Of Clinton County (John P. Myers. Description of Champlain in 1798 (Pliny Moore). Burial Instructions (1908).

32 North Country Notes January 1967

Julies Caesar Hubbell To Judge Pliny Moore (1811). Fort Ticonderoga in 1892 (Dr. David Kellogg). Guilty Or Not Guilty (1839). On The Way Up (Balloons/ Parachutes) By Betty Flatt, SUC.

31 North Country Notes November 1966

Amasa C. Moore To Judge Pliny Moore. Fourth of July In Plattsburgh (1900,1910, 1920, 1930, 1940). Champlain Presbytarian church Records (1808/1809). Distinguished Daughter of Clinton County (Dr. Georgia Harkness).

30 North Country Notes October 1966

Champlain Presbyterian Church Records. The Old Military Turnpike. Jacques Rouse (Rouses Point).

29 North Country Notes September 1966

Wool on the Battle of Plattsburgh. From the journal of Dr. David S. Kellogg.

28 North Country Notes May 1966

The Yorkers (Junior Historical Society). Case of the Insane in the 1860’s (Rev. Hiram Chase). Medical Treatment in the 1870’s (diary of Miss Mary Arnold). The Chazy Tercentenary.

27 North Country Notes April 1966

George palmer and The Papineau Rebellion. Keeseville Highschool in 1896. Enjoying the Old Deeds (Various tidbits about buildings and projects undertaken).

26 North Country Notes March 1966

The Whitehall and Plattsburgh Railroad. The Home Guard (1864, St. Alban’s Raid) By John Stewart, SUC. “Trees” (Joyce Kilmers).

25 North Country Notes February 1966

Old county Place Names (West Plattsburgh, Cadeyville, Elisnore, Schuyler Falls. Baseball championship In 1901 (northern New York League). The Businessmen’s Camp (WW1). The Junior Plattsburgh Training Camp.

24 North Country Notes September 1965

Republic of French Canada (Plattsburgh Republican, 1895) (Mr. Wilfred Laurier). Battle of Beekmantown in 1814 (General John E. Wool to Phillip B. Roberts). Dewey’s Tavern. Baseball News (1890s Local Teams). The Union Academy (Peru 1812).

23 North Country Notes May 1965

Clinton County Place Names (Coopersville, Saxe-landing, Chazy, Port Jackson, Peru, Saranac, port Kent, Elsinore). The Greatest Flood in Sixty Years (1892, Dr. S. Kellogg) By Brian Lee, SUC, Plattsburgh. A Giant Crumbles: The Saranac River Plank Road By Duane J. Lane, SUC, Plattsburgh.

22 North Country Notes March 1965

Execution in Malone (1854). Detroit in the North Country (Lozier Motor Company) By Jason Carnright SUC, Plattsburgh. The Rebellious Militiamen (Vermont 1813). Warren Harkness at Oswego Normal School). Beware of City Ways! (Opinions on city life 1870).

21 North Country Notes January 1965

The Sheriff’s Accounts (1839). Early Settlers in Beekmantown. Education in a Democracy (Speech by George A. Simmon’s 1832).

20 North Country Notes November 1964

Benson J. Lossing and Winslow C. Watson. Crab Island (bill of Damages against U. S. government from C. Nichols). Caleb Nichols, Intelligence Agent (War of 1812). The Lost Asylum (1886-1887). Clinton County Place Names (Plattsburgh).

19 North Country Notes September 1964

In The News (Assorted Stories from 1884, 1887, and 1913). A British Deserter (1813) (Colonel Pike). Accidents in 1890 (Lists of Deaths and causes). A Citizen Complains (James W. Wood Letter to Secretary of War 1814).

18 North Country Notes May 1964

The President in Plattsburgh (Benjamin Harrison, Plattsburgh Republican Sept 10, 1892). Relics of 1812! (25 Skeletons found on Oval Plattsburgh Republican 1892). An Historic Plattsburgh Hostelry (Fouquet House). The Near Armistice of 1814. Clinton County Inventors (Ira Carter) (Horace Boardman) (Abiathar Pollard &Simeon Minkler). The Sunbeam Band (Youth Organization).

17 North Country Notes March 1964

The Journals of Dr. Kellogg. A Clinton County Murder -- Dr. Kellogg;s Journal (1899).

16 North Country Notes January 1964

The British Raid on Fort Montgomery in 1865.

15 North Country Notes November 1963

Christmas Carol (We three Kings of Orient Are, Dr. John Henry Hopkins) (Trinity Church). Redford Glass submitted by Mrs. David LaMora. The W. C. T. U. (The Women’s Christian Union). Potatoes (1881, Clinton County Economy),

14 North Country Notes September 1963

Litigation in Old Peru (1842). Sports News (Plattsburgh Sentinel 1890). The British Occupation of Point au Fer.

13 North Country Notes April 1963

Autograph Album (Poem by Harvey Everett in the autograph album of Miss Margaret Green). A British View on the Battler Of Valcour (1776, American Revolution). Peru at the World’s Fair (Chicago, 1893). The Great Freshet of 1830 in Plattsburgh (Bridge collapse, Plattsburgh Republican 1883).

12 North Country Notes February 1963

Temperance in Clinton County. Cimplyphied Spelin (Letter From Salmon Pangman to Bartlet Nye). Local Boy Goes West: Darius Lobdell. Then or Now? (Plattsburgh Republican 1843, Robbery news). Automobile Speed Limit (1906 Plattsburgh).

11 North Country Notes November 1963

The High Cost of Public Welfare – 1818. Marriage of Margaret Miller and Oliver Davidson. Local Boy Goes West: Henry Everett. Ode to Fancy (poem by Lucretia Maria Davidson). To Momma (poem by Maragret Miller Davidson).

10 North Country Notes September 1962

A Country Doctor in the 1870’s (Dr. Ira N. Vaughn). Local Boy goes West: Miron Spaulding. The British at the Bridge (Plaque on Bridge Street Bridge, Battle of Plattsburgh). Insurance in the 1840’s (1846). Revolutionary War Pension Claims (Daniel D. T. Benedict).

9 North Country Notes May 1962

Plattsburgh News Items 75 Years Ago (1893 surveyed principal events in the area since 1876). Clinton County And The California Gold Rush (1849). Crossing the Isthmus (Panama, 1852).

8 North Country Notes March 1962

Fortifying the Canadian-United States Border (1830) (Brig General John E. Wool). Desertion Notice 40 Dollars Reward ! (1817). Supervisors’ Resolutions (1852). When President Van Buren Visited Plattsburgh. 1891 Plattsburgh Locals from “The Morning Telegram”.

7 North Country Notes January 1962

Aunt Betsy’s Strengthening Plaster (Ingredients and Directions). A Trip To Plattsburgh in 1806 (Dr. Michael Freligh’s). William Gilliland. A Sharp Trick (Company D. First Artillery, 1876). House Rules (Plattsburgh Theatre). Clinton County Place Names (Beekmantown). More Plattsburgh Town Records (1807).

6 North Country Notes November 1961

Clinton County Goes To War (1861, Series of Letter’s).

5 North Country Notes September 1961

Labor Troubles (S. S. Allen, Job. F. Sherman). Major Wool’s Account of the Battle of Plattsburgh (Henry B. Dawson). Cattle Marks (Plattsburgh).

4 North Country Notes May 1961

School Composition (George Hoyle Burroughs). Champlain Academy (Champlain Journal 1869). Early Clinton County School Records (1862). Animal Life (Plattsburgh 1808). The Funeral of Daniel Webster (1853). College Expenses (1819).

3 North Country Notes March 1961

Exhilarating Gas (Pliny Moore). Ralph Waldo Emerson. The Cholera Scourge of 1832. Clinton county Place Names (Altona). A General Storekeeper and His Merchandise (List of Grocery’s 1801). Early Inoculations (1797).

2 North Country Notes February 1961

A Temperance Bet – 1823. Concerning Slavery In Clinton County. Wolf-Hunting in Clinton County Submitted by Carl Flood, Senior College of Education. Bill Of Sale (Slavery). A Slave’s Grave (Treadwell Bay Gravesite). School Days (Normal School).

1 North Country Notes November 1960

Election Bets (Lincoln). A Welcome to Clinton County (Pliny Moore, Melancthon Lloyd Woolsey). Rules of Plattsburgh’s First Library (1808) Submitted By Frederick Chaplin, Sophomore College of Education. Did You Know (Assorted Facts From the County's History).

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