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Take a Walking Tour!

CCHA offers self-guided walking tours of the Old Plattsburgh Military Base and Valcour Island, home of the Bluff Point Lighthouse.

Old Base Tour
Home of some of America’s most important military sites since the founding of the nation, the old Plattsburgh military base, decommissioned in 1995, is the embodiment of living history. The tour features information on the base’s origins, from its importance in the United States’ earliest fights for survival, to its role in founding the ROTC, to its contributions to national defense in the space age. Our guided tour shows you a place that kept America safe for more than 200 years, while serving as both launching pad and destination for war heroes, astronauts and presidents. Watch our Events page for scheduled tours and email us if you have a group of people who would like to schedule their own tour.

Valcour Island Tour

A verdant oasis amid the chilly, sometimes roiling waters of Lake Champlain, Valcour Island tells the story — the complete story — of an ever-changing region. Native Americans used, and sometimes fought over, the island’s location and resources for millennia before Europeans set foot on it. Farmers harvested crops and timber, hunters harvested game, and recreational users, some of them owners of grand Adirondack Great Camps, harvested fun and family memories every summer. This self-guided tour and map with GPS coordinates helps you locate the major sites on Valcour, including the iconic Bluff Point Lighthouse, and helps you imagine their former splendor even as nature reclaims the island.