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Own an original photo from Clinton County's history!

Purchase a reprint of selected photos from the CCHA Archive

For several years the Clinton County Historical Association has been diligently identifying, sorting, re-sleeving and generally rediscovering a collection of over 15,000 glass negatives dating back to the late 1800s.

The CCHA is now making available to the public reprints of selected photos that have only recently been restored. The online CCHA Printroom Galleries include Plattsburgh street scenes, buildings that no longer exist, special events, catostrophic fires and much more most from the early 20th century.

Select a photo, select a print size, provide your shipping information and enter your credit card information. That's all that's needed to acquire your own unique part of Clinton County history. Framed, they make a beautiful gift or hang one in your home as a personal statement of how much you care about preserving local history.

Begin exploring CCHA Printroom here. There are several galleries to choose from.

Places Gallery

Plattsburgh High SchoolThe Places gallery includes sub-galleries for Plattsburgh, Bluff Point and Catholic Summer School of America. We think you will really enjoy the Plattsburgh gallery with its images of street scenes, the magnificent old Plattsburgh High School, Y.M.C.A., United Methodist Church and Smith Weed and Trinity Square Parks. There are lots of other old scenes as well.

Events Gallery

Bridge Street bridgeThe Events gallery captures some signicant or memorable moments in Plattsburgh and Clinton County history. Photos in the Events gallery include a mid-winter scene during construction of the Macdonough Monument, opening day for the new stone bridge on Bridge Street (Nov. 11, 1930), and two amazing photos of the finish of construction of a railroad bridge across Ausable Chasm.

Portraits Gallery

Most of the glass negatives in the CCHA archives are studio portraits of Clinton County residents. Within the Portraits Gallery there are around 560 of these portraits, arranged alphabetically. The portraits we have selected for online display are from the years 1901 - 1905 and include a name, an exact date the photo was taken and a place of residence. It is the hope of CCHA that current or former residents of Clinton County will be able to identify their own ancestors and, if desired, obtain a reprint for their family's records.

Besides the portrait photos we have scanned and made available online, we have also identified the name and exact date of a large number of additional photos. The links below will allow you to view and/or print lists with the information (not the actual photos) pertaining to both the unscanned and scanned photos.

Roger's Notes

I added to the Events Gallery one of a series of photos from the glass negative archives of the elaborate opening ceremony on Nov. 11, 1930 of the new Bridge Street stone arch bridge. This photo captures the public walking across the new bridge for the first time.

The detail in this photo is both amazing and fascinating. Where today's Municipal Parking Lot is located was the remnants of a rundown industrial area. Just south of the bridge, a dam backed up the Saranac River. Presumably, at one time it fed a spillway that powered a mill located in the industrial area.

There is a sign overlooking the bridge construction project which proudly proclaims, "It is being built with local contractors using local labor and stone from a local quarry."

Roger Black, CCHA Volunteer

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