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Bastions on the Border: The Great Stone Forts at Rouses Point on Lake Champlain by Jim Millard- NEW in our Book Shop! The Museum Book Shop


Titles Available

Title Note Author Price
Adirondack Odysseys Elizabeth Folwell and Amy Godine 16.95
Adirondack: Of Indians and Mountains Stephen Sulavik 27.50
Altona Flat Rock, The History of Larry Gooley 22.00
America’s First World War, The French and Indian War, 1754-1763 Timothy Todish 15.00
Arundel Kenneth Roberts 16.95
Barton's Physicians Pamphlet Eugene Link 1.00
Bastions on the Border: The Great Stone Forts at Rouses Point on Lake Champlain (2009) James P. Millard 19.95
Battle of Plattsburgh Bay Oscar Bredenberg 4.50
Battles of Plattsburgh, The Keith Herkalo 19.99
Benedict Arnold Revolutionary War Hero, An American Warrior Reconsidered James Kerry Martin 15.00
Benedict Arnold: Patriot and Traitor William Sterne Randall 14.95
Benedict Arnold's Navy James L. Nelson 24.95
Benedict Arnold: Patriot and Traitor Willard Sterne Randall 14.95
Bicentennial of William Beaumont MD 1775-1853 CCHA 6.95
Bottles and Business in Plattsburgh, New York: 100 Years of Embossed Bottles as Historical Artifacts With supplement Dr. Gordon Pollard 18.00
Briefly Told 1784-1984 Allan S. Everest 10.95
British Naval Activity on Lake Champlain War of 1812 Dennis Lewis 9.95
British Naval Activity on Lake Champlain - War of 1812 Signed by deceased author Dennis Lewis 25.00
British Naval Activity on Lake Champlain - War of 1812 Dennis Lewis 9.95
Cannons and Anchors, A Personal History of Lake Champlain Captain Frank Pabst 6.00
Champlain & Rouses Point Exh catalog CCHA 1.00
Champlain - Images of America Iemay and Pauquette 19.99
Champlain's Dream Hardcover David H. Fisher 35.00
Champlain's Dream softcover David H. Fisher 15.00
Chateaugay Lakes Herman and Ruth Whalen 15.00
Chazy and the Revolution Map Chazy Bicentennial Comm. 4.00
Chazy (2003) Images of America Series K. Trombley 19.99
Chazy Lake: Facts, Fiction and Folklore Kathleen King and Judith LaPoint 12.00
Chazy, The History of the Town Town of Chazy 35.00
Chazy - Witness to War and Peace Exg. catalog CCHA 1.00
Chronicles of Lake Champlain Journeys in War and Peace Russell P. Bellico 29.00
Clinton Prison at Dannemora CCHA 7.95
Civil War Women - Book II, They made a Difference Cynthia Vogel 27.95
Civil War Women - They made a Difference Cynthia Vogel 24.95
Clinton County - Images of America Arcadia Anastasia Pratt 21.99
Clinton Prison at Dannemora CCHA 7.95
Conservation of a War of 1812 Anchor from Plattsburgh Bay, Clinton County, NY Lake Champlain Maritime Museum 25.00
Crossing the Line Baria and Racine 19.95
Dangerous Journeys Parrish Wells, Marjorie Wells Harrison >9.95
Drumbeats - reprinted 2002 CCHA 3.00
Empires of the Mountains Bellico 27.50
Final Invasion, Plattsburgh- War of 1812 Softcover David Fitz-Enz 16.95
Fire! The History of Firefighting in Clinton County CCHA 9.95
Firefighting -When Duty Calls: A Brief Account of the 100-Year History of the Montgomery Hose, Hook & Ladder Co. #1 of Rouses Point, NY James L. Munafo 5.00
Flying High Again: PARC's Redevelopment of Plattsburgh Air Force Base  PARC $5.00
Folk Art in Canada (1981) CCHA 2.50
Fort Montgomery: Through the Years... (2005) James Millard 17.95
French America Ron Katz 30.00
French Cooking in Early America Patricia Mitchell 3.50
French Occupation of the Champlain Valley from 1609 to 1759 Guy Omeron Coolidge 18.00
From Forest to Fields - History of Agriculture in NY Champlain Valley Alberti & Deming 2.50
Fur and Feathers: The Wildlife Heritage of Clinton County Big version CCHA 14.95
Fur and Feathers: The Wildlife Heritage of Clinton County Small version CCHA 7.95
George Washington's French Canadian Spy Henri Gosselin 18.95
Gondola Philadelphia and the Battle of Lake Champlain John Bratten 34.95
Historic Courthouses of New York State Herbert Alan Johnson & Ralph K Andrest 19.95
Historical Sketches of Northern New York and the Adirondack Wilderness, A 19th Century Adirondack Classic Nathaniel Sylvester 26.95
History of Churubusco Softcover Larry Gooley 24.00
History of Lake Champlain, 1609-1814 Peter Palmer 24.95
History of Peru, A 3 volume set Lincoln Sunderland 35.95
History of the Adirondacks 2 volume set Alfred L. Donaldson 45.00
Honor of Command, The- General Burgoyne's Saratoga Campaign June to October 1777 Stewart Murray 14.95
Hotel Champlain - Clinton Community College Richard Frost 22.95
Journal of H.K. Averill 2001 Hard cover Keith Herkalo 21.95
Journal of H.K. Averill 2001 Soft cover Keith Herkalo 10.00
Journal of William Gilliland, The Fuller Allen 24.95
Lake Champlain: An Illustrated History Hard cover Adirondack Life 35.00
Lake Champlain Sailing Canal Boats (2003) Soft cover Art Cohn 24.95
Lake Passages: A Journey Through the Centuries Volume I: 1609-1909 (2007) James P. Millard 22.95
Life in a Longhouse Village Young adult Bobbie Kalman 8.95
Lighthouses of Lake Champlain, 2nd Edition George Clifford 4.95
Lyon Mountain - Tragedy of a Mining Town Larry Gooley 22.00
Macdonough, Captain Thomas Virginia Mason Burdick 10.95
Macdonough, Thomas, Master of Early U.S. Navy David C. Skaggs 34.95
Macomb -The Military Career of Alexander Macomb and Alexander Macomb at Plattsburgh CCHA / Alan S. Everest 15.95
Major Robert Rogers, Annotated and Illustrated Journals of Timothy J. Todish 29.00
Mapping of the Adirondacks, The J. Kellum Smith, Jr. 10.00
Maps & Mapmakers of the Champlain Valley Exh. catalog CCHA 1.00
Marinus Willett: Defender of the Northern Frontier Larry Lowenthal 15.00
Military Activity Champlain Valley Bredenberg
Mooers, A Historic Review of Town of Mooers 12.00
Moorsfield Antiquarian Different issues McLellens 25.00
Morrisonville Cookbook 3.00
My Duty is Here: The Civil War Journal and Letters of Rev. Francis B. Hall Vickie Evans 15.00
Nature's Frolic Hour: Appreciating Lake George Virginia Westbrook 9.95
North Country Century Jeff Meyers 2.50
Notes on Jehudi Ashmun
One Room Schoolhouses of Clinton County pamphlet CCHA 1.00
Original People: Native Americans in the Champlain Valley CCHA 7.95
Patriots of Color 1775: Bunker Hill George Quintal 40.00
Places of Spirit: Sacred Sites on the Adirondacks Lake Placid Institute 24.95
Plattsburgh - Images of America Arcadia Book Kelly Julian 21.99
Plattsburgh, The Founding Fathers Exh catalog CCHA 1.00
Pliny Moore: North Country Pioneer CCHA/Alan S. Everest 12.95
Point Au Fer on Lake Champlain Allan S. Everest 10.95
Portraits and Painters of the Champlain Valley, 1800-1865 CCHA 10.95
Proceedings of the Champlain Valley Symposium (Indian Pot Cover 1982) CCHA 5.00
Rabble in Arms Kenneth Roberts 17.95
Ready or Not into the Wild Blue Francis Angier 20.00
Recollections of the Civil War- The Journal and Letters of Lt. Col. Frank Palmer Vickie Evans 15.00
Reflections: The Story of Redford Glass Exh catalog CCHA 8.95
Relishing Our Resources: Along Lake Champlain in Essex County, N.Y. Virginia Westbrook 9.95
Renascence of a Book Pamphlet Eugene Link 1.00
Sails and Steam in the Mountains, A Maritime and Military History of L. George and L. Champlain, Revised Edition Russell Bellico 29.00
Tasteful Traditions: Clinton County Historical Association Cookbook CCHA 14.95
The Iroquois Young adult Mary Englar 8.95
The Mohican World: 1680-1750 Shirley W. Dunn 24.00
The Mohicans Young adult Weintraub & Dunn 6.50
Mohicans and Their Land Shirley W. Dunn 24.00
The Secrets of Crab Island James Millard 15.95
The War of 1812 in the Champlain Valley Alan S. Everest 19.95
The War of 1812, A Forgotten Conflict Donald R. Hickey 24.95
Waterways of War, The Struggle for Empire 1754 -1763 Benson and Toelke 10.00
Why the Wilderness is Called Adirondack: The Earliest Account of the Founding of the MacIntyre Mine Henry Dornburgh 6.00
Wildlife and Wilderness - History of Adirondack Mammals Philip G. Terrie 14.50
William H. Miner: The Man and the Myth; Joseph C. Burke $25.00
Women Who Kept the Lights: An Illustrated History of Female Lighthouse Keepers by Mary Louise Clifford and J. Candace Clifford 22.95
You Hear the Ice Talking I. Sheldon Posen 10.00

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